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Sas- UKE! He is SUCH and Uke &lt
Favourite cartoon character: Sasukexanyone and everyone
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Annnddd ladies and gentlemen we have returned. :iconergophobic: is running this club but if anyone wants to help, then yeah, give me a shout or a note or whatever.

...I'll just go and deal with the 271 messages and the 66 notes now. It'll take a while to update everything but please bare with me.

1. Clean up gallery
2. Submit everything with new comments - 31% complete
3. Add new members
4. Add new affiliates

Hello! And welcome to the sasuke-is-gay-club!

Sponsered and founded by:iconladylupin:
Moderator :iconergophobic:


#1: You must should know who Uchiha Sasuke is and what Naruto is, because if you don't, there's no point in joining. Also if you don't know...where have you been? Under a rock?

#2: We mean gay as in homosexual and DON'T mean it as a derogatory term. (However, Ergophobic thinks that currently, Kishi's giving Sasuke too much attention.But she won't deny that he looks HOT in his current outfit.)

Basically we think that Sasuke should just come out of the closet and bang Naruto/Kakashi/Shikamaru/theforthhokage/theramenguy/etcetc.

#3: Be respectful of other people's opinions. Flaming and petty arguments = not cool. Take your drama to your own journals and devs.  

#4: It would be helpful if you had a sense of humour and not throw a hissyfit whenever you see Sasuke in a dress (because trust me, we seem to have a lot of those kind of pictures for some strange reason.)

#5: DO NOT FAVE/COMMENT IN OUR GALLERY. Do that on the origianal deviation please. My number one pet peeve. Just...don't. You'll get us banned and then you'll have to go somewhere else to get your Gay!Sasuke fix. NEW. IF YOU FAVE YOU GET BLOCKED. Seriously. Am I taking this over the top? Tell me if I am. -____-

::How to join the Club/Affliate::

Send us a note entitled "join" or "affliate" ^_^
If you just comment or watch the club, we will not add you to the members. You MUST send us a note.

And watch us for updates! you will be added on our members list and we will love you to bits!!!

I would be nice if you put us in your journal, then we can get more members! Thanks!

Have art or fanfics you'd like us to submit?

We will accept art that concerns Sasuke. Or Sasuke/yaoi pairings...something along those lines. It's simply to support you guys and your art! The comments and faves will go straight to your original dev link so submit! We will be happy to accept! Just send us a note saing "art" or "submit" or "YAYAYAAYAY" or something like that and send us the link/links of the art you'd wish us to submit.

If it has nothing to do with the club, we won't submit, only club-related art will be submitted. Go crazy! And have fun!

P.s: You MUST be a member for us to submit your art. (But Ergophobic will be probably be too lazy to check most of the time....:

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I Sooooo want to join SasUKE is aweome!
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